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  1. Articles on Jakarta and Reuse (My Liveable City, vol. 7, issue 2)

    These articles explain more about the creation of Jakarta’s M-Bloc and how the Dutch deal with heritage.

    Media article | 22-08-2021

  2. Looking for Faro. A personal voyage of discovery into the meaning of a European treaty

    The Netherlands is on the eve of signing the Treaty of Faro. But what exactly is the thinking behind the treaty? What does it ...

    Publication | 02-07-2021

  3. Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters Report

    Report on fieldwork between 17 and 26 July 2019 conducted by CNCP and the RCE in the project Dutch Presence in Cuban Waters. The ...

    Report | 04-06-2021

  4. International Heritage Cooperation Policy Note 2021-2024

    In this brochure you can read what the International Heritage Cooperation 2021-2024 programme includes and what it can mean for ...

    Publication | 21-05-2021

  5. Recap Closing Session Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2021

    This training focused on the issue of presenting contested histories from multiple perspectives. The participants joined lectures ...

    Publication | 18-05-2021

  6. The UNESCO Training Manual for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Training Manual for underwater cultural heritage management in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is co-created by UNESCO and ...

    Publication | 26-03-2021

  7. Shared past - New perspectives. Shared Cultural Heritage programme 2017-2020

    This publication shows some examples of new perspectives on the shared history of the Netherlands and ten partner countries.

    Publication | 15-02-2021

  8. XML sitemap

    xml file to support search engines

    Map | 01-01-2021

  9. Call for Candidates - Training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2021

    Call to attend the third edition of the international training 'Sharing Stories on Contested Histories'

    Form | 08-12-2020

  10. Traces of Slavery and Colonial History in the Art Collection - edition 2

    The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands searched its collection for traces of slavery and colonial history. This ...

    Publication | 20-10-2020