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  1. Good practice: international collaboration on shared difficult heritage

    This article presents a good practice that developed in the context of an international collaboration around a site of shared ...

    Publication | 28-09-2020

  2. International Programme for Maritime Heritage Report 2017-2019

    This is the interim report on the International Programme for Maritime Heritage. The programme is run since 2017 by the Cultural ...

    Publication | 03-09-2020

  3. Loan Indemnity Subsidy scheme 2016

    This is the English version of the 'Subsidieregeling indemniteit bruiklenen 2016', the Loan Indemnity Subsidy Scheme 2016, from ...

    Decree, order or decision | 02-09-2020

  4. Brochure International programme for Maritime Heritage

    This brochure gives an overview of all activities of the International programme for Maritime Heritage. This programme is run by ...

    Publication | 01-09-2020

  5. European study on material cultural heritage’s economic impact

    The material cultural heritage as a strategic territorial development resource: mapping impacts through a set of common European ...

    Publication | 21-08-2020

  6. Guns of The Netherlands

    Nico Brinck has in collaboration with the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency finalised his book on Dutch old canons: Kanonnen van ...

    Publication | 22-07-2020

  7. SCH - Report on the live video discussions on 23, 25, 26 June 2020

    On 23, 25 and 26 June, three themes that surfaced during this round of brainstorming were discussed in greater depth in three ...

    Publication | 02-07-2020

  8. Good practice: Giving the past a future by involving younger generations

    A sound collaboration between Suriname and the Netherlands This article focuses on a good practice developed during a long-term ...

    Publication | 02-07-2020

  9. MACHU Documentation and help

    An overview of documents related to MACHU

    Publication | 29-06-2020

  10. Reuse, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch deal with heritage

    Updated edition, 2020 - Presenting twenty inspiring repurposing objects as examples, this publication sketches the outlines of ...

    Publication | 26-06-2020