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  1. Find report form maritime objects

    When a shipwreck is found, this needs to be reported. This form can be used for this purpose.

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  2. Final report International Programme for Maritime Heritage 2017-2021

    This report describes the goals, mission and vision of the International Programme for Maritime Heritage (2017-2021) and how the ...

    Report | 19-12-2022

  3. Decision-making framework for Dutch shipwrecks abroad

    To decide wether or not a shipwreck of wreck location is to be managed, this decision-making framework is used. It helps to ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  4. Archaeological Underwater Management Process

    The RCE follows a certain process in the management of underwater heritage, based on international and national standards.

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  5. Classification of shipwrecks by owner

    In order to decide wether the Dutch government is able to manage a shipwreck, ownership needs to be determined. This flowchart ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  6. Varnishing and Inpainting/Retouching | Paintings Conservation

    Varnishing and Inpainting/Retouching is one of six brochures created for professional conservators of easel paintings

    Publication | 12-12-2022

  7. Call for Abstracts- The 8th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference

    The 8th International Architectural Finishes Research Conference organizing committee is sending out a call for papers and ...

    Application | 17-11-2022

  8. Newsletter Cultural goods World War II - No. 02, 2022

    In this newsletter we inform you about the activities of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) in the field of ...

    Newsletter | 16-11-2022

  9. Book of Abstracts ICOM-CC 12th Interim Meeting Leather & Related Materials Working Group

    This book of abstracts contains information about the lectures and pitches held during the 12th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC ...

    Publication | 11-10-2022

  10. NAR 67: Fragile monuments of the past. Physical threats and countermeasures

    Fragile monuments of the past presents an overview of the various physical factors which may lead to damage to archaeological ...

    Brochure | 09-08-2022