Investigation of the Netherlands Art Property Collection (NK Collection) - Progress Report 1, September 2023

This progress report provides an overview of the work carried out in the context of the 2022-2025 investigation of the NK Collection. This publication in magazine format constitutes the first report.


Date September 2023, English translation April 2024

Editorial Board: Iris Looman, Nadine van Tijn, Daniël Hendrikse, Silja de Vilder Coombs, Adinda van Wely

With thanks to: Micha Cluysenaer, Welmoed Wijmans, Bram Petraeus, Catharina Gerritsen, Marcel Kentin

Cover: An American serviceman looks at paintings in the former headquarters of the Lufwafe at Königssee,
Germany, 1945. Photo: National Archive / Spaarnestad Collection / photographer unknown.

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