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  1. Shared Cultural Heritage Programme 2021-2024

    Report of the digital brainstorming session held from 2 to 5 June 2020 to provide input on the the Shared Cultural Heritage ...

    Publication | 25-06-2020

  2. Sawahlunto. Towards a sustainable and attractive place to live, work and recreate

    This report presents the results of a study of the development potential of the former mining town Sawahlunto (Indonesia) towards ...

    Publication | 08-06-2020

  3. Safeguarding and rejuvenating the identity of a river city

    This report presents the results of the Workshop HUL Quick Scan Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan).

    Publication | 11-05-2020

  4. Newsletter Rooswijk April 2020

    Newsletter by Martijn Manders, head of the International Maritime Programme at RCE, about the evolvement of the #Rooswijk1740 ...

    Publication | 01-05-2020

  5. Makeable Land. Backgrounds and Progress of Land Consolidation, Making of New Land and Land Reclamation in the Dutch Post-War Reconstruction Period (1940-1965)

    This is a partly revised and updated english edition of the 2016 publication Het maakbare land. The publication provides an ...

    Publication | 10-04-2020

  6. International Programme Maritime Heritage

    Short movie about the International Programme for Maritime Heritage of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, which is ...

    Video | 20-03-2020

  7. Call for Application Training ‘Sharing Stories on Contested Histories’ 2020

    This training is organized by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands in close collaboration with the Reinwardt Academy.

    Letter | 06-03-2020

  8. Recap Closing Session Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2019

    In 2019 the international training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories, on approaching and presenting contested heritage, ...

    Publication | 05-03-2020

  9. Good practice: creating a conceptual framework as a guideline for urban redevelopment

    This article presents a good practice that resulted from the long-term cooperation and exchange between Brazil and the ...

    Publication | 02-03-2020

  10. Wreckprotect guidelines

    Guidelines for predicting decay by shipworm in the Baltic Sea and the protection of submerged wooden cultural heritage.

    Publication | 24-02-2020