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Memorandum of Understanding Cuba and the Netherlands

Memorandum of Understanding between Cuba and the Netherlands which contains agreements concerning the research, management and ...

Policy document | 11-07-2018

Industrial sites along the Yauza river. Past, Present and Future

This report presents the results of a study of the history and the present and future development of this former industrial zone ...

Publication | 01-01-2018

Infographic - managing indoor climate risks in nine steps

This infographic supports the Managing indoor climate risks in 9 steps method.

Publication | 01-01-2018

Managing indoor climate risks

Indoor climate control is increasingly becoming an integral component of museum policies. But how to proceed when developing such ...

Publication | 01-01-2018

Heritage Counts. The Meaning of Heritage for Society.

Policy letter of the Minister of Culture of the Netherlands, mrs. Ingrid van Engelshoven, presented to Parliament on 22 June ...

Policy document | 01-01-2018

Report of the Dutch Shipwrecks in the Java Sea

Agreements have been made between the Netherlands and Indonesian government to investigate what may have happened to the sites of ...

Report | 09-02-2017

Reuse, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch deal with heritage

Presenting twenty inspiring repurposing objects as examples, this publication sketches the outlines of repurposing as the new ...

Publication | 01-01-2017

Digging4data. How to do research on the built environment in Indonesia, 1620-1950

This Indonesian publication is a manual for researchers dealing with Dutch architectural heritage from the VOC and colonial ...

Publication | 01-01-2017

UNESCO foundation course in the Caribbean

This report presents the development and results of the second UNESCO course on Underwater Cultural Heritage Management in the ...

Publication | 01-01-2017

Manual Energy, Heritage & Environment

This manual and timeline explain how the cultural landscape can be successfully used in wind-energy, solar-energy and bio-energy ...

Publication | 01-01-2017