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  1. Atlas of the Holocene Netherlands

    This publication show the geographical situation of the end of the last ice age in the Netherlands.

    Publication | 13-01-2020

  2. Plastic Identification Tool

    Plastics in museum collections need special care. They often show problems during storage and exhibition, such as discolouration, ...

    Publication | 01-01-2020

  3. Traces of Slavery and Colonial History in the Art Collection - edition 1

    The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands searched its collection for traces of slavery and colonial history. This ...

    Publication | 12-12-2019

  4. Article about the ‘Sharing Stories on Contested Histories’ training programme

    Artikel on The Sharing Stories on Contested Histories training programme

    Publication | 10-12-2019

  5. The use of oral histories for the understanding of shared maritime heritage

    As a way of informing maritime history, and as part of the process of locating, understanding and/or managing maritime ...

    Newsletter | 02-10-2019

  6. Researching the International Field: Collections Management and Built Environment

    The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands works towards a sustainable future for shared cultural heritage with its partner ...

    Publication | 25-09-2019

  7. Magazine Faro Convention Meeting: Heritage as a means for societal challenges

    This magazine was published following the Faro Convention Meeting (May 2019).

    Magazine | 27-06-2019

  8. Sharing expertise on Dutch funerary heritage

    This article explores why historical cemeteries constitute interesting grounds for knowledge exchange.

    Newsletter | 03-06-2019

  9. New Horizons for an Old Tin Mining Town

    This report presents the results of the Workshop HUL Quick Scan Muntok. Cultural heritage is seen in Muntok on the island of ...

    Publication | 04-05-2019

  10. Call for Candidates Training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2019

    Call to attend the second edition of the international training 'Sharing Stories on Contested Histories'.

    Form | 18-04-2019