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  1. Shared cultural heritage, fact sheet 2017 - 2020

    This fact sheet explains the policy of the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme.

    Publication | 04-01-2019

  2. Sharing Stories edition 2018 recap

    In 2018  the international training  Sharing Stories on Contested Histories, on approaching and presenting contested heritage, ...

    Publication | 15-12-2018

  3. Summary of all lectures. Sharing Stories on Contested Histories

    Summary of the lectures given during the Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2018 training course. This overview also contains ...

    Publication | 15-12-2018

  4. Brochure Shared Cultural Heritage Programme

    In this publication the three themes of the Shared Cultural Heritage programme are explained: Maritime Archeology, Collections ...

    Publication | 01-12-2018

  5. Training programme Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2018

    This was the programme for the two-week training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories in December 2018.

    Publication | 01-12-2018

  6. Infographic: Becoming aware of water in five steps

    This infographic helps heritage managers to protect their heritage and collections against flooding.

    Publication | 01-09-2018

  7. Memorandum of Understanding Cuba and the Netherlands

    Memorandum of Understanding between Cuba and the Netherlands which contains agreements concerning the research, management and ...

    Policy document | 11-07-2018

  8. Industrial sites along the Yauza river. Past, Present and Future

    This report presents the results of a study of the history and the present and future development of this former industrial zone ...

    Publication | 01-01-2018

  9. Infographic - managing indoor climate risks in nine steps

    This infographic supports the Managing indoor climate risks in 9 steps method.

    Publication | 01-01-2018

  10. Managing indoor climate risks

    Indoor climate control is increasingly becoming an integral component of museum policies. But how to proceed when developing such ...

    Publication | 01-01-2018