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Attract and Connect Population decline and the heritage in Europe

This publication shows European examples of how heritage can have a positive impact on  areas of decline.

Publication | 01-01-2014

NO 17: The late Roman Cemeteries of Nijmegen

In these two books the results of investigations and loose finds that were made until 1963  on the Roman burial grounds in ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

RAM 207: Schokland UNESCO World Heritage site 3rd monitoring round

The condition of four archaeological sites on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Schokland was investigated during an ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

Recognising archaeological finds in aquatic sediments

This booklet contains information about recognizing and handling unexpected archaeological finds at sea or on inland waterways.

Publication | 01-01-2013

NAR 45: A Matter of Life and Death at Mienakker (the Netherlands)

Research has revealed that the Mienakker site was not a temporary hunting camp, as was previously thought. Instead, the location ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

NAR 42: The Mesolithic cemetery at Mariënberg (NL), a rebuttal to alternative interpretations

This Archaeological Report discusses the discussion about the dating and interpretation of the cemetery at Mariënberg ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

Inside out Victory Boogie Woogie

In 2006, a study was launched into the final work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. This book recounts the findings of this research ...

Publication | 01-01-2012

RAM 201: A Swedish man-of-war in Dutch waters; an archaeological field evaluation of the wreck of the Sophia Albertina

Research has revealed the identity of a Swedish man-of-war sunk in Dutch waters. An identification of this kind is still a rare ...

Publication | 01-01-2012

A Future of Mills

Mills are iconic features of the Dutch landscape. The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands has commissioned this brochure ...

Publication | 01-01-2012

NAR 43: A Kaleidoscope of Gathering at Keinsmerbrug (the Netherlands): Late Neolithic Behavioural Variability in a Dynamic Landscape

Analysis of finds from an earlier excavation produced extensive information on a site at Keinsmerbrug, which saw occasional ...

Publication | 01-01-2012