Looking for Faro. A personal voyage of discovery into the meaning of a European treaty

Blogs by Alma Hoekstra, de Erfgoedstem (Heritage Voice)

The Netherlands is on the eve of signing the Treaty of Faro. This convention of the Council of Europe from 2005 bears the intriguing title 'The value of cultural heritage for society'. But what exactly is the thinking behind the treaty? What does it mean in practice? Alma Hoekstra, a 24-year-old lover of all things old, went looking for answers. Open-minded and curious, she took to paths unknown to her and asked many interesting projects and people she encountered along the way. This publication is a collection of the blogs she wrote about her search.

Also available in Dutch.


Faro Programme
Author: Alma Hoekstra, de Erfgoedstem (Heritage Voice)
Photographs: Jasper van Doeselaar

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