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PUR Facts. Conservation of Polyurethane Foam in Art and Design

Works of soft polyurethane foam (PUR) are generally not enduring. Thanks to this book, PUR artworks can be preserved for the ...

Publication | 01-01-2011

Guidelines for Building Archeological Research

This booklet sets out the guidelines for research into built heritage. Such research is considered part of a standard approach to ...

Publication | 01-06-2009

NO 16: Excavations at Dorestad 3

Together with two other publications (1980 and 2015), this archaeological report gives a tentative impression of what the lively ...

Publication | 01-01-2009

Building Archeological Research Brochure

This brochure explains the importance of built heritage research and how this can best be approached by the owners and managers ...

Publication | 01-01-2009

Reference Collections Foundation for Future Archaeology

This publication is a report of the international conference "Reference Collections: Foundation for Future Archeology" that took ...

Publication | 01-01-2004

Buggy Biz: integrated pest management in collections

This book covers all aspects of the integrated control of insects in museums, archives and libraries. It’s an area in which ...

Publication | 01-01-2003

Condition rating for paper object with iron-gall ink

The acids and metal ions present in ink can cause paper or parchment to deteriorate, a process known as ink corrosion. This ...

Publication | 01-01-2001

The Solar Tent

This brochure offers a manual for the solar tent, a means to disinfect museum objects by means of heat generated by solar energy.

Publication | 01-01-2001

Fluffy Stuff: Integrated Control of Mould in Archives

This book covers all aspects of the integrated control of mould in museums, archives and libraries. It is crucial that the ...

Publication | 01-01-1999

New Horizons for an Old Tin Mining Town

This report presents the results of the Workshop HUL Quick Scan Muntok. Cultural heritage is seen in Muntok on the island of ...

Publication | 06-05-0019