Inaugural address by Martijn Manders on underwater archaeology and research into maritime heritage

Maritime archaeologist Martijn Manders has been appointed professor occupying the endowed chair of Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Cultural Heritage Management at Leiden University. On Monday 17 April 2023, Manders delivered his inaugural address at Leiden University, titled 'Out of sight but not out of heart: the necessity of Underwater Archaeology and research into maritime heritage in shaping our knowledge and identity'.

The English translation of the inaugural address is published at the website of the university.

Manders combines his appointment at the Faculty of Archaeology, which began on 15 July 2022, with his current position at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands in Amersfoort, where his main focus is on underwater heritage in an international context. 


Author: Martijn Manders

Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University

17 April 2023