International Heritage Cooperation

A worldwide heritage community, in which professionals connect, learn from each other and develop knowledge together towards finding solutions to shared challenges. That is the mission of the International Heritage Cooperation Programme 2021-2024 of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, RCE).

We believe that cultural heritage is valuable in a changing world. Without knowledge of the past, understanding ourselves and others is virtually impossible. Heritage can contribute to identifying solutions for societal challenges, such as climate change, sustainability, and social inclusion. These are challenges shared by many countries, and they call for continuous development, the ability to respond to changing circumstances and a shared quest for appropriate solutions. It is only by joining forces and learning from and with each other that we can fully benefit from the potential of heritage. Through international cooperation we are therefore able to enhance countries’ abilities to shape a more sustainable future.

International Heritage Cooperation Programme

The RCE is just one of many players in the global heritage community. Nevertheless, with the International Heritage Cooperation Programme we can play an important role by stimulating international connections, learning from and with (international) partners, developing new expertise and knowledge together and making the results visible and accessible.

In the framework of this programme, the RCE works together with various partners to implement the International Cultural Policy of the Netherlands 2021-2024. Furthermore, what has been built up between 2009 and 2020 within the Shared Cultural Heritage programme will be continued. Although shared heritage remains relevant for the Netherlands, shared challenges are central in this new policy period.

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