Our work within the framework of the International Heritage Cooperation Programme can take many forms, depending on the goals of a specific project or activity. Together with partners, we organise network, stakeholder and expert meetings; we create trainings, workshops and co-creation labs; and we develop knowledge outputs, such as handbooks or exhibitions. We also organise and support International Visitors programmes, and provide advise upon request on topics that fall within the scope of our work.


Our activities fall within three main themes under the umbrella of our International Heritage Cooperation Programme:

Built Environment

Heritage sites all over the world face challenges such as sustainable conservation (and Sustainable Development Goals), climate change and water challenges, and governance and stakeholder participation. Together with experts from partner countries, we exchange ideas and create new knowledge together about heritage management.


Within the theme Collections, we aim to exchange perspectives and knowledge on managing and conserving museum collections. Challenges such as creating climate control strategies, heritage safety, research into provenance, multiple and sometimes opposing views on museums’ collections, and accessibility of collections, form the basis for our projects.

Maritime Heritage

The traces of our maritime history can be found around the globe. International cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of maritime heritage are of great importance, as they are crucial factors in the management and preservation of this unique heritage. Please visit the page Maritime Heritage for more information.

The following is a selection of projects we are currently working on: