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NAR 47: A Mosaic of Habitation at Zeewijk (the Netherlands)

Analysis showed the site at Zeewijk to have been an extensive Late Neolithic year-round settlement.

Publication | 01-01-2014

Assessing museum collections

This brochure forms a practical tool in the allocation of different value types to objects and collections.

Publication | 01-01-2014

Heritage as an Asset for Inner City Development

This publication presents eight cities across the world to illustrate how heritage may be a valuable asset in modern urban ...

Publication | 01-01-2014

Shared Heritage Joint Future

This report presents an overview of international projects carried out by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands in the ...

Publication | 01-01-2014

Attract and Connect Population decline and the heritage in Europe

This publication shows European examples of how heritage can have a positive impact on  areas of decline.

Publication | 01-01-2014

NO 17: The late Roman Cemeteries of Nijmegen

These two publications bring together and interpret the results of excavations carried out at late-Roman cemeteries in Nijmegen ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

RAM 207: Schokland UNESCO World Heritage site 3rd monitoring round

An archaeological survey assessed the condition of four archaeological sites situated on the UNESCO World Heritage site of ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

Recognising archaeological finds in aquatic sediments

This booklet contains information about recognizing and handling unexpected archaeological finds at sea or on inland waterways.

Publication | 01-01-2013

NAR 45: A Matter of Life and Death at Mienakker (the Netherlands)

Research has revealed that the Mienakker site was not a temporary hunting camp, as was previously thought. Instead, the location ...

Publication | 01-01-2013

NAR 42: The Mesolithic cemetery at Mariënberg (NL), a rebuttal to alternative interpretations

This volume in the series Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten (NAR) addresses the issue of the date and interpretation of a Late ...

Publication | 01-01-2013