Final report International Programme for Maritime Heritage 2017-2021

This is the final report of the International Programme for Maritime Heritage, carried out between 2017 and 2021 under the aegis of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE).

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PDF document | 94 pagina's | 45.1 MB | 2022

This report describes the programme's goals, its mission, vision and how it worked towards those goals, including the adjustments required by the corona crisis to achieve them. This overview shows how much has been achieved in a relatively short time and what structure has been put in place to ensure the continued sound management of underwater cultural heritage. See for example the various protocols for maritime heritage that have been published. At the end of the report, a glimpse into the future awaits the reader when the vision described at the beginning of the programme is recalled and suggestions are made for further steps and their implementation.

This publication is also available in Dutch.


Manders, M., Hoop, R. de, Derksen, L., Waasdorp, S., Ommeren, M. van, Langemheen, W. van de: International Programme for Maritime Heritage. Final report 2017-2021.

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Amersfoort 2022.