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  1. RAM 282: Flotsam, jetsam and lost anchors at Statia’s Roads. An archaeological assessment of site SE-504, Oranje Bay, St. Eustatius

    During an underwater archaeological assessment at site SE-504 in the Oranje Bay of St. Eustatius, a conglomerate of mainly 18th ...

    Publication | 07-03-2024

  2. Inaugural address by Martijn Manders on underwater archaeology and research into maritime heritage

    The text of the inaugural address of Martijn Manders as endowed professor at Leiden University was published at the website of ...

    Speech | 03-05-2023

  3. Reporting foreign shipwrecks in Dutch Waters

    When a foreign shipwreck is found in Dutch waters, this needs to be reported. This flowchart shows the information process ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  4. Reporting Dutch shipwrecks in foreign waters

    When a Dutch shipwreck is found in foreign waters, this needs to be reported. This flowchart shows the information process ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  5. Protocol for the identification of human remains

    Human remains can be found on a shipwreck location. The RCE follows a protocol in handling these finds.

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  6. Interdepartmental policy framework on Dutch historic ship remains and shipwreck sites abroad

    This policy framework describes the policy the Dutch government follows in taking care of maritime heritage, and which ministries ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  7. Find report form maritime objects

    When a shipwreck is found, this needs to be reported. This form can be used for this purpose.

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  8. Final report International Programme for Maritime Heritage 2017-2021

    This report describes the goals, mission and vision of the International Programme for Maritime Heritage (2017-2021) and how the ...

    Report | 19-12-2022

  9. Decision-making framework for Dutch shipwrecks abroad

    To decide wether or not a shipwreck of wreck location is to be managed, this decision-making framework is used. It helps to ...

    Publication | 19-12-2022

  10. Archaeological Underwater Management Process

    The RCE follows a certain process in the management of underwater heritage, based on international and national standards.

    Publication | 19-12-2022