International projects

The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) is involved in various international projects which center on Dutch maritime heritage. Many of these projects are specifically pointed towards a particular shipwreck, but there are also projects in which new methods for protection, documenting sites or for creating public awareness are being developed. For an overview of our partner countries and our international projects, see below:

Capacity building

As an overarching project, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) is concerned with training (future) maritime archaeologists. The lack of capacity in underwater cultural heritage management is a serious threat in the preservation of this valuable resource. By joining different countries and organizations together during capacity building programmes, not only capacity is built, but also a platform to cooperate in the region. In the end, it is also (former) maritime nations with shipwrecks in many places in the world – like the Netherlands -  that profit from well trained, informed and experienced partners from coastal states. 

Within these training programmes, the RCE cooperates closely with UNESCO and various higher education institutions. Read more about these collaborations in the final report of the International Programme for Maritime Heritage.

Current and recent capacity building programmes