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  1. Dirt and Dirt Removal | Paintings Conservation

    Dirt and Dirt Removal is the first of six brochures created for conservators of canvas and panel paintings

    Publication | 21-07-2022

  2. Varnish Removal | Paintings Conservation

    Varnish Removal is the second of six brochures created for conservators of canvas and panel paintings

    Publication | 21-07-2022

  3. A resilient future for the Vistula Delta landscape

    Marcel Andrzejczak researched the historical connection between the Vistula Delta landscape and the Netherlands as well as the ...

    Report | 09-06-2022

  4. Article Artwork in search of an heir

    Theft, confiscation, or sale under duress. The Dutch State administers a considerable number of artworks lost by individuals just ...

    Publication | 17-05-2022

  5. Call training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories

    call for applicants training Sharing Stories on Contested Histories 2022

    Letter | 03-05-2022

  6. Newsletter Cultural goods World War II - No. 01, 2022

    In this newsletter we inform you about the activities of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) in the field of ...

    Newsletter | 01-01-2022

  7. Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Quick Scan Method - Handbook for Indonesian University Lecturers

    The HUL Quick Scan Method is a practical, participatory tool that embraces the principles of the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) ...

    Publication | 16-12-2021

  8. NAR 67: Fragile monuments of the past

    ‘Fragile monuments of the past’ presents an overview of the various physical factors which may lead to damage to archaeological ...

    Report | 19-10-2021

  9. A Research Agenda for Heritage Planning – Perspectives from Europe

    This insightful Research Agenda examines the multidimensional relationships between heritage planning and pressing current ...

    Publication | 30-09-2021

  10. Articles on Jakarta and Reuse (My Liveable City, vol. 7, issue 2)

    These articles explain more about the creation of Jakarta’s M-Bloc and how the Dutch deal with heritage.

    Media article | 22-08-2021