RAM 207: Schokland UNESCO World Heritage site 3rd monitoring round

An archaeological survey assessed the condition of four archaeological sites situated on the UNESCO World Heritage site of Schokland. The results varied significantly for each site.

Third monitoring round Schokland UNESCO World Heritage Site

Schokland is a hamlet and former island in the Noordoost Polder, the Netherlands. This volume in the series Rapportage Archeologische Monumentenzorg (RAM) reports on the third monitoring round, which focused on four archaeological sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Schokland. The sites differ considerably as regards their current and anticipated condition, with desiccation and agriculture as the main risk factors. A number of techniques were used in the assessment, including gauging the ground water table, soil moisture content and standard electrode potential. The sites were also tested for botanical and palaeozoological remains, and subjected to micromorphological analysis.


Series: Rapportage Archeologische Monumentenzorg (RAM) 207
Authors: D.J. Huisman, G. Mauro
ISBN/EAN: 9789057991974
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2013