Managing indoor climate risks

Indoor climate control is increasingly becoming an integral component of museum policies. But how to proceed when developing such policies? This brochure presents a nine-step plan.

Customized climate policies

Before a suitable climate policy can be developed, it is important to establish which museum the policy is intended for. What makes this museum unique? Which part of the collection requires what kind of indoor climate control? The building housing the collection is equally important: is it a historical structure or a new building? In addition, both staff and visitors have an impact on how the indoor climate is controlled. Moreover, different climate risks may apply to different rooms. An analysis which addresses these and other questions provides a basis for the development of various strategies to optimize indoor climate control.


Text: Lieve d’Hont, Bart Ankersmit (RCE) and Marc Stappers (RCE)
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2018