Underwater archaeology training in Vietnam

From 15 June until 12 July 2015, the UNESCO / SEAMEO SPAFA Vietnam Underwater Archaeology Training (VUAT) Course took place in Hội An, Vietnam. The course was in part an extension of the UNESCO foundation courses for underwater cultural heritage management, held in Thailand between 2009 and 2011.

Support base

In order to create a solid foundation for maritime and underwater archaeology and heritage management in countries which have heritage in common with the Netherlands, the maritime programme aims to build local professional support bases. The Underwater Archaeology Project was initiated in December 2011 by Dr Mark Staniforth (Monash University, Centre for Geography and Environmental Science, Australia) in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology in Hà Nội, Vietnam. The project’s purpose was to establish an Institute for Underwater Archaeology in Vietnam.


Text: L. Borghuis and M.R. Manders
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2016