Collecting and Connecting. Historical Data for Inner City Development in Indonesia

During a workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, participants received training in the use of historical documents as a source of inspiration for inner-city transformation challenges.

Preserving built heritage on the basis of historical sources

In October 2014, the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) in Jakarta hosted the workshop ‘Historical Data for Inner-City Development’, organized by a number of Dutch and Indonesian partners involved in built heritage and archival research. Historical data are indispensable in the preservation of built heritage. The workshop therefore aimed to familiarize the participants with existing historical sources on the design and building stages of monumental built objects.


Text: Huib Akihary, Nadia F. Dwiandari, Johan van Langen, Risma Manurung, Nadia Purwestri, Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen, Hasti Tarekat, Peter Timmer, Punto Wijayanto
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Amersfoort, 2015