Inside out Victory Boogie Woogie

In 2006, a study was launched into the final work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. This book recounts the findings of this research and the history of the legendary painting.

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A study of Victory Boogie Woogie

The book contains many new and remarkable findings about Mondrian’s method in the final years of his life. Among them is a recently discovered photograph from the autumn of 1943, showing Victory Boogie Woogie as a work in progress. The comprehensive analysis of this complex painting also shows that Mondrian himself regarded this work as his pièce de résistance. The research reveals how Mondrian struggled with his declining physical strength and his desire to complete a masterpiece that would speak to the generations to come.


Editor: Maarten van Bommel, Hans Janssen and Ron Spronk
ISBN: 978-90-8964-371-1
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands , Amsterdam University Press, 2012