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  1. Martijn Manders awarded endowed professorship at Leiden University

    Maritime archaeologist Martijn Manders has been appointed professor occupying the endowed chair of Underwater Archaeology and ...

    News item | 20-07-2022 | 12:00

  2. Finds from the #Rooswijk1740 shipwreck on display during the Ramsgate Open Days

    During the Ramsgate Open Days in July, finds of the Rooswijk shipwreck are on display.

    News item | 11-07-2022 | 15:16

  3. Colonies of Benevolence have formally received European Heritage Label

    The visitor centers of the Colonies of Benevolence in the Netherlands and Belgium were officially awarded the European Heritage ...

    News item | 22-06-2022 | 17:26

  4. New European Bauhaus Festival, 9-12 June

    This June, the New European Bauhaus Festival brings together people from all walks of life to debate and shape our future. A ...

    News item | 31-05-2022 | 16:03

  5. Pilot Maritime Observatory successfully monitored Dutch wreck sites at risk

    The monitoring and protecting of valuable underwater heritage sites has been one of the greatest challenges for heritage and ...

    News item | 17-03-2022 | 16:41

  6. Call for transnational research proposals: JPICH Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics

    The ‘Cultural Heritage, Society and Ethics’ research call (JPICH CHSE) aims at furthering the understanding of the relationship ...

    News item | 21-02-2022 | 17:00

  7. Conference ‘Heritage for the Future / Science for Heritage’: a European Adventure for Research and Innovation

    Under the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Foundation for Heritage Science will organise, with the ...

    News item | 09-02-2022 | 09:00

  8. Subfossil forest in Leusden, the Netherlands, died around 12,750 years ago due to abrupt climate change

    Today a team of scientists presents the results of tree ring research of 167 trees that were excavated in 2016 during a nature ...

    News item | 03-11-2021 | 09:21

  9. How do we deal with our heritage in Europe, and which challenges lay ahead?

    Recent international research brought together in a new book

    News item | 30-09-2021 | 10:24

  10. The age of a unique fluit-wreck in the Baltic Sea resolved

    The international diving group Badewanne has succeeded in revealing the age of a unique shipwreck lying on the bottom of the ...

    News item | 30-07-2021 | 10:47