18 February Albany exchange Neerbosch 2022 Comparative analysis on urban heritage conservation in the USA and The Netherlands

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At the end of the first week of the expert meeting Albany exchange Neerbosch a x n 2022, the International Heritage Cooperation programme of the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands together with Historic Albany Foundation and Van ’t Lindenhout Museum of Nijmegen organise a public online meeting. Everyone who is interested in the history of Neerbosch – Nijmegen and Albany or are heritage enthusiasts are invited to join!

During this online event, two teams of experts will analyse each other’s case studies, i.e. the Van Ostrande Radliff House in Albany and the Kinderdorp Neerbosch in Nijmegen. Together, they will explore the potentials for adding new layers to the two historic sites in ways that recognise, interpret, and sustain their heritage values.  

The Van Ostrande Radliff House is the oldest Dutch house of Albany. Kinderdorp Neerbosch is just outside of Nijmegen and was one of the largest children’s orphanage and youth care villages in The Netherlands. Both heritage sites are under threat from urban developments.

This public forum will present the findings of this exchange meeting and aims to:

  • Reflect on both case studies from an international and comparative perspective;
  • Provide several ideas and solutions for sustaining their existence and vitality;
  • Help to improve the plans for the urban redevelopment of both areas in Albany and Nijmegen.

We invite you all to listen to the presentations and to take part in the subsequent discussions.

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Moderator Jean Paul Corten (RCE)


Intrduction Case studies

Opening by representatives Albany and Nijmegen

Kathy Sheehan, Mayor Albany New York

Henk Berends, concernmanager City of Nijmegen


Presentation Ostrande Radliff house Albany

Historic Albany Foundation






Presentation Kinderdorp Neerbosch Nijmegen
Van ’t Lindenhout Museum Neerbosch.





Anja Adriaans  Nijmegen Albany Foundation