What we do

The varied work of the Cultural Heritage Agency includes generating and disseminating knowledge, implementing policy and legislation, administering guarantees and subsidies, searching for innovations in heritage care and providing practical advice.

Our strength lies in connecting 3 key elements: practical expertise, scientific knowledge and government policy. These elements are mutually reinforcing, whereby we can base our practical advice on scientific knowledge, on our extensive experience and on the objectives of government policy. Conversely, our practical expertise and knowledge make a significant contribution to the development of policy.

Partners in heritage

Caring for our heritage is a question of teamwork. It involves owners, heritage volunteers, research and knowledge institutes, specialist contractors, government authorities and, of course, the Agency itself. Within this partnership, we bring together political and administrative elements, knowledge and practical expertise, and the various ‘domains’ of heritage: historic buildings, museums, archaeology and the landscape. Wherever possible, we adopt an integrated perspective which transcends the dividing lines between these various domains.