Rooswijk media coverage

The #Rooswijk1740 project has gotten extensive media coverage. TV shows such as Drain the Oceans, RTL late night, Pauw and M as well as broadcasts BBC and WNL have covered the Rooswijk excavation. The Cultural Heritage Agency has produced three documentaries on the project.

Screenshot from The Rooswijk part 3: The Legacy of the Rooswijk
Image: ©#Rooswijk1740
Screenshot from The Rooswijk part 3: The Legacy of the Rooswijk

Documentaries on the #Rooswijk1740 project

The excavations of the Rooswijk have been recorded by the RCE in three documentaries. The first documentary revolves around the diving expedition of 2016. The reasoning behind this diving expedition, the history of the ship and the methods and techniques used to map the site are covered. The second documentary revolves around the excavation of the Rooswijk in 2017 and features several experts who talk about the unique finds, the technique of mapping wrecks, how a underwater excavation is carried out and how the public can be involved in the story. Finally, the third documentary revolves around the post-excavation period in which the gathered data is developed futher, objects are conserved and finds are researched more extensively. The three documentaries together give a good image of the proces and effort which goes into the research of a wreck which lies on the seabed and is a ‘must-see’ for anybody who is interested in maritime archeology and the history of the VOC.