MaSS (Maritime Stepping Stones)

MaSS is an online database in which locations of Dutch maritime heritage are mapped and where the story of these locations is told. The MaSS website makes maritime heritage accessible to a wide audience.

The Netherlands haveĀ a rich maritime past. Shipwrecks of Dutch origin can be found all over the world, but also other Dutch maritime heritage can be found: ports, quays, bridges, waterways and warehouses. Underwater, there are also submerged landscapes with prehistoric or younger remains.

MaSS brings together all information about these maritime sites. Factual data such as the berth and - when known - the dimensions and condition of the location can be found for each site.

It also provides access to other sources, such as map material, photos, documents, drawings and videos. References to articles and reports can be found per site. This creates a complete picture of knowledge about Dutch maritime heritage.

MaSS is the successor to the database Wrecks in Situ (WIS).