Stories and interviews

Supervisory committee for provenance research

There is an independent committee which oversees the provenance research. This committee monitors the quality of past and future research and assesses whether it meets the standard required in order to determine the provenance of objects from the NK collection as accurately as possible. The committee checks whether the right steps are being taken and the right archives are consulted during the research. 

Get acquainted with the committee: Prof. Dr Rudi Ekkart (chair), Henrike Hövelmann MA, Dr Christiaan Ruppert and Dr Gerdien Verschoor. These interviews are also available in Dutch.

Vier personen vormen samen de begeleidingscommissie restitutie WO2
Image: Ruben Schipper
The supervisory committee with Henrike Hövelmann, Christiaan Ruppert, Gerdien Verschoor and Rudi Ekkart (from left to right).