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  1. Remains of our past underwater; how do we preserve it?

    An assessment of the underwater cultural heritage management system on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius (the Caribbean ...

    Publication | 24-06-2016

  2. The life of the Rooswijk

    What a combination of history and archaeology can tell us about the voyages of an 18th century VOC-ship.

    Publication | 01-01-2016

  3. HM Brig the Braak

    HM Brig the Braak, Converting a Cutter into a Brig and from Cannons to Carronades

    Publication | 11-12-2015

  4. Enforcing Heritage Law In Dutch Waters

    The enforcement of the provisions of the Monuments and Historic Buildings Act on illegal excavation of underwater cultural ...

    Publication | 01-12-2011

  5. Underwater Cultural Heritage

    A new perspective on managing underwater cultural heritage in the Oostvoornse meer.

    Publication | 25-06-2010