NO 19: Four approaches to the analysis of (pre-)Roman Nijmegen

This publication focuses on excavations in ‘Roman Nijmegen’ carried out by the former Rijksdienst voor het Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek (ROB) from 1972 to the end of 1981.

Research into the Legio X fortress area on Hunerberg 

Research concentrated on the broader environment of the fortress of the Legio X on the Hunerberg plateau . The results have changed our understanding of the layout and spatial development of an area between the Nijmegen city centre and an elevation, Kops Plateau, between the late first century BC and the early fifth century AD. For instance, it proved possible to establish the limits of the early-Augustan, two-legion fortress on the plateau of the Hunerberg; of a small fortress near Trajanus Square; of the early-Roman cemetery around Museum Kam Street; of the early urban settlement Oppidum Batavorum in the modern town centre; and of the late-Roman fortifications at and around the Valkhof complex.


Series: Nederlandse Oudheden 19
Editor: J.H.F. Bloemers
Authors: J.H.F. Bloemers, J.S. Boersma, R.M. van Dierendonck, M. Erdrich, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier, J. Raap, D. Teunissen & J.R.A.M. Thijssen
With contributions by: S.Y. Comis, W. Dijkman, E. Schouten, L. Smits, A. Vanderhoeven & G.F. IJzereef
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992537
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2016