NAR 53: Farmers, fishers, fowlers, hunters

This publication closely scrutinizes archaeological data collected during the past fifteen years and pertaining to the period between 2850 and 1500 BC. It is now becoming clear that our perception of this period needs to be adjusted.

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Adjusting our perception of Bell Beaker culture

The traditional perception of this particular period in history – the Late Neolithic, the Early Bronze Age and the Middle Bronze Age – was largely based on analyses of the known burials and bronze depots. As the present synthesis shows, however, in recent years extensive settlement information has been collected as well. As a result, our perception of the so-called Bell Beaker culture should be thoroughly revised. The publication concludes by listing a large number of methodological and theoretical approaches by which more information may be generated in years to come. It also argues for a more integrated approach by all specialists involved in archaeological fieldwork and analysis.


Series: Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten (NAR) 53
Text: H. Fokkens, B.J.W. Steffens & S.F.M. van As
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992636
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2016