Guidelines to the process of underwater archaeological research: Guideline Manual 1

This publication presents several methods and techniques suitable for the protection of underwater archaeological heritage.


SASMAP is a European partnership project in which the Cultural Heritage Agency’s Maritime Programme participates. In recent years, studies have been carried out together with European partners into the protection of underwater archaeological heritage. The project has developed and tested various methods and techniques that may help to improve the protection of underwater archaeological sites. In the Netherlands, for instance, protective measures have been tested at the Burgzand Noord 10 wreck site in the Wadden Sea, including covering the site with scaffolding mesh. Sand is trapped by the mesh, creating an artificial dune which protects the wreck site.

The present publication is the first in a set of two volumes.

The second volume in the series illustrates best practices by presenting examples of the successful application of the discussed methods and techniques.


Authors: Z. Al Hamdani, V. de Bruyn, T. Coenen, M. Geraga, D. Gregory, R. de Hoop, M. Manders
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992483
SASMAP Project, 2015, Amersfoort