Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint

This publication presents 27 papers, all peer-reviewed, on the identification and interpretation of visual and other alterations in twentieth-century oil paintings.

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Modern Oil Paints Research Team (2009-2012)

This publication helps conservators and curators to make responsible decisions regarding the treatment of twentieth-century oil paintings. It presents the result of work done by the Modern Oil Paints Research Team (2009-2012), besides being the proceedings of a conference held in 2013 under the same title. Many topics are addressed: historical paint production techniques, artistic practices, the characterization of paints and painted surfaces, paint degradation, observations relating to painting collections, surface cleansing and other conservation treatments.


Authors: Klaas Jan van den Berg et al.
Editors: Aviva Burnstock, Matthijs de Keijzer, Jay Krueger, Tom Learner, Alberto de Tagle, Gunnar Heydenreich
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Print: ISBN 978-3-319-10099-9
Online: ISBN 978-3-319-10100-2
Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2014