NO 17: The late Roman Cemeteries of Nijmegen

These two publications bring together and interpret the results of excavations carried out at late-Roman cemeteries in Nijmegen up to 1963 as well as isolated finds from those sites.

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An inventory

In the past few years, extensive archaeological research has been carried out at two fourth-century AD cemeteries in Nijmegen. Post-excavation analysis of these projects is still incomplete, in part because the results of earlier investigations had not been scientifically processed. The present publication remedies that situation. This substantial volume presents the results of all excavations from 1947 until 1983, as well as all isolated objects deriving from the late-Roman cemeteries and found between the seventeenth century and 1963.


Series: Nederlandse Oudheden 17
Author: D.C. Steures
ISBN: 978-90-5799-205-6
Museum Het Valkhof, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2013