NAR 45: A Matter of Life and Death at Mienakker (the Netherlands)

Research has revealed that the Mienakker site was not a temporary hunting camp, as was previously thought. Instead, the location was settled year-round for many years during the Late Neolithic.

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Year-round settlement

Among the features identified during the 1990 excavation were two house plans. At the time, the site of Mienakker was thought to have been a temporary hunting camp, as compared to more permanent settlements such as Aartswoud, Kolhorn and Zeewijk. However, when the finds from 1990 were re-examined, it became clear that the site was, in fact, a year-round settlement where a range of highly diverse activities were carried out. The site was in use between ca. 2880 and 2480 BC.


Series: Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten (NAR) 045
Editors: J.P. Kleijne, O. Brinkkemper, E.M. Theunissen, R.C.G.M. Lauwerier, B.I. Smit.
Authors: S.M. Beckerman, D.C. Brinkhuizen, V. García-Díaz, L. Kubiak-Martens, G.R. Nobles, T.F.M. Oudemans, E. Plomp, M. van den Hof, H.J.T. Weerts,  J.T. Zeiler, J.H.M. Peeters, A.L. van Gijn, D.C.M. Raemaekers
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992148
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2013