12 October 12th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Leather and Related Materials Working Group

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The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and ICOM-CC are pleased to organize the online 12th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Leather and Related Materials Working Group on 12 & 13 October 2022.

Conservators, scientists, museum professionals, students and other people who are interested or specializing in the conservation of leather and related materials are invited to join this free-of-charge event.

During two afternoons on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th October, there will be a series of online lectures and short video-presentations by speakers from all over the world. Knowledge and experiences will be shared on current projects, new or innovative research initiatives, as well as various conservation experiences with leather and related materials. Aside from an emphasis on gilt leather, there will be lectures on dating and measuring techniques, adhesives, infill materials and other aspects of leather conservation, plus some art historical subject.

Programme, 12 October 2022

Wednesday 12 October
Time (CET) Activity
13.30 Opening and welcome by working group
13.45 Interactive intermezzo
13.50 Lecture Marie Kleivane, Vilde Marie Dalåsen & Kathrin Guthmann (Norway) - An extensive treatment of a complex object: Preparing a gilt leather wall hanging for the National Museum’s new permanent display
14.20 Pitch Saar Van Hove & Martijn Remmen (Belgium) - Restoring the Antwerp “Brouwershuis” gilt leather wall hanging. Historic interventions and their contemporary challenges
14.30 Lecture Jana Bösenberg & Anna Siegel (Germany) - Salvage and restoration of a gilt leather wall hanging from Löwenburg castle in Kassel
15.00 Break
15.20 Interactive intermezzo
15.25 Lecture Giulia Galante, Maëlle Vilbert, Marie-Claire Schanne-Klein, Laurianne Robinet & Gaël Latour (France) - Non-invasive characterization of varnish thickness on gilt leathers
15.55 Pitch Félix de la Fuente Andrés & Cristina Villar Fernández (Spain) - The gilt leathers of the “Chapel” of the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid
16.05 Lecture Céline Bonnot Diconne & Lucile Beck (France) - Carbon-14 dating of gilt leather
16.35 Pitch Narguess Afzalipour, Shahrzad Aminshirazi & Abolfazl Aali (Iran) - Conservation and restoration of a leather bag excavated from the Chehrabad salt mine in Zanjan
16.45 Break
17.05 Interactive intermezzo
17.10 Lecture Eloy Koldeweij & Ingrid Kramer (The Netherlands / France) - Masses in hides: analytical and art-historical steps into the identification of a large group of gilt leather chasubles
17.40 Pitch Guia Rossignoli (Italy) - More facts and thoughts on a polychrome and punched gilt leather panel in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
17.50 Lecture Clare Taylor (England) - An authentic material? Gilt leather imitations in late nineteenth-century Britain
18.20 Closing words

Programme 13 October 2022

Thursday 13 October
Time (CET) Activity
13.30 Opening and welcome by the working group
13.35 Interactive intermezzo
13.40 Lecture Patrizia Labianca & Guia Rossignoli (Italy) - The challenge of conserving two cushions: options for the conservation of decorative leather made in different ways
14.10 Pitch Mingrui Zhang, Yadi Hu, Chaoya Ren, Jie Liu, Yong Lei & Keyong Tang (China) - Study on the changes in structure and composition of collagen-based cultural relics by ATR-FTIR
14.20 Lecture Adam Lowe (Spain) - The production of a replica of a 16th century gilt leather hanging for Palazzo Te, Mantua
14.50 Break
15.10 Interactive intermezzo
15.15 Lecture Mara Nimmo & Mariabianca Paris (Italy) - The art of damask leather. Contributions from an archival research
15.45 Pitch Yadi Hu, Jie Liu, Mingrui Zhang, Chaoya Ren, Yong Lei & Keyong Tang (China) - Investigation of the deterioration of vegetable-tanned leather by UV irradiation using ATR-FTIR and TG-FTIR-MS
15.55 Lecture Ana Oñate Muñoz, Laurianne Robinet, Estelle Van Geyts, Noé Thys, Francisco Mederos-Henry, Stéphane Hocquet & Tim Schouw (Belgium) - Bonding historical leather bookbindings. Comparison of a set of adhesives in order to study alternatives to wheat starch paste
16.25 Pitch Chaoya Ren, Jie Liu, Yadi Hu, Mingrui Zhang, Yong Lei & Keyong Tang (China) - Investigation of the deterioration of vegetable-tanned leather by the synergistic effect of temperature and humidity with Thermogravimetric Analysis
16.35 Break
16.55 Interactive intermezzo
17.00 Lecture Ségolène Girard (France) - Development of a sustainable and stable leather surrogate for leather infill and mending
17.30 Pitch Katharine Wagner, Kristi Wright, Holly Herro & William Minter (USA) - Leather Use in Treatment: Summarizing a structured discussion concerning the evolution of treatment practices
17.40 Lecture Andrea Pataki-Hundt, Klaus Pesch & Marlen Börngen (Germany) - Klucel® variations to consolidate degraded red leather
18.10 Closing statement by the working group
Compilation with leather doll on the left, a graph in the middle and a picture of a face painted on leather on the right
Image: ©RCE
ICOM-CC Interim Meeting on Leather and Related Materials

Presentations and pitches

Image: ©ICOM-CC

The 12th interim meeting is organized by the ICOM-CC working group Leather & Related Materials: Laurianne Robinet (Coordinator ICOM-CC Leather and Related Materials Working Group), Theo Sturge, Martine Posthuma de Boer & Eloy Koldeweij (Assistant Coordinators).

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The ICOM-CC 12th Interim Meeting will be held online and will be recorded. These recordings will be stored on the website Royalcast, and will be deleted after 3 months.

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