Request for restitution received

Did you receive a request for restitution of an artwork, for example as a museum or municipality? Then first find out who the current possessor is. 

Works in the National Art Collection

First, determine if the artwork is part of the National Art Collection. If that is the case, contact the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, which handles all requests for restitution for works in the National Art Collection on behalf of the minister of Education, Culture and Science.

The Cultural Heritage Agency will send the request for restitution to the Restitutions Committee with a request for advice.

If the applicant wishes, the Centre of Expertise for the Restitution of Cultural Goods and the Second World War may be asked to carry out an initial investigation and issue a factual report before pursuing the request for restitution. If after this factual report the applicant still wishes to pursue restitution, the Cultural Heritage Agency will always present the request for restitution to the Restitutions Committee. This procedure has been agreed with the Dutch House of Representatives.

For further information, see the Restitution procedures for the National Art Collection.

Works in a museum or local government collection

If you are for example an art institution, local government organization or private individual in possession of a work which is subject to a request for restitution, you can seek advice from the Restitutions Committee. You are not obligated to do so. Requests for advice must be submitted jointly with the party who may be the entitled party.

Alternatively, you can also decide together with the applicant to ask the Centre of Expertise to carry out an investigation an issue a factual report on the basis of which you can reach a mutually satisfactory solution without t the intervention of the Restitutions Committee. If this does not work out, you can still jointly submit the case to the Restitutions Committee.

For further information, see the Restitution procedures for non-State collections.