Request for restitution or research

If you believe you are entitled to an artwork that was looted, confiscated or sold under duress during the Nazi regime and you want to submit a request for restitution or research, the first step is to attempt to find the work’s present possessor. If the work is in a museum, it is best to contact them directly for information.

Works in the National Art Collection

If the present possessor is the national government, you can file a request by letter to the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. See the Restitution procedures for the National Art Collection for information you have to provide and how your request for restitution will be handled.

Works in museum or local government collections

If the present possessor is not the national government but for example a museum, municipality or foundation, you should contact that possessor directly. See the Restitution procedures for non-State collections for information you have to provide and how your request for restitution will be handled.

Request an investigation

You can also first request an investigation to be conducted by the Centre of Expertise for the Restitution of Cultural Goods and the Second World War. Note that the results of such an investigation do not constitute a recommendation as issued by the Restitutions Committee. All such requests must be filed jointly with the work’s present possessor, such as the museum or municipality that owns it.

Reconsideration of prior decision

If the minister of Education, Culture and Science issued a decision regarding  an artwork in the National Art Collection, and afterwards new facts come to light r , an applicant may petition the minster to reconsider that decision. See the Reconsideration procedures for denied restitution requests.