The Utrecht, A shipwreck of the Dutch admiralty in the Baía de Todos os Santos, Brazil

In 2007 and 2012, an international archaeological team investigated a seventeenth-century Dutch wreck in Brazil. This report presents the results.

Admiralty vessel wreck

This publication reports on the archaeological underwater investigation of the wreck of the Dutch admiralty vessel ‘De Utrecht’. The wreck is situated in the Bay of All Saints (Bahía de Todos os Santos) near Salvador, Brazil. Although the wreck site had been visited by divers since the 1980s, it had not been archaeologically studied before. Field work indicated that although the wreck had sustained serious damage as a result of earlier diving visits, the archaeological remains still provide a unique window into seventeenth-century Dutch shipbuilding.


Authors: L. Borghuis, M.R. Manders
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992513
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2016