Boemerang, Australia - The Netherlands 400 years

This is the English version of the Boemerang magazine. A one-off edition to celebrate the four hundred year old ties between the Netherlands and Australia.

Shared heritage with Australia

Why are there so many place names of Dutch origin on the Australian West Coast? And are there really 300,000 Australians with Dutch roots? This magazine highlights the ties between the Netherlands and Australia from a heritage perspective: from shipwrecks to coffee. The shared heritage - the material and immaterial traces of a common past - is fully discussed.


Editorial: Linda Lak, Saskia Legein, Anna Lamberts, Jacqueline Reeuwijk, Jinna Smit en Koosje Spitz
Text: Linn Borghuis, Frank Buchner, Victoria Bullock, Ron Guleij, Mariëlle Hageman, Linda Lak, Anna Lamberts, Saskia Legein, Martijn Manders, Nonja Peters, Georges Petitjean, Jacqueline Reeuwijk, Simone van Saarloos, Koosje Spitz, William Underwood en Esther Zwinkels
Australian embassy in the Netherlands, DutchCulture, the National Archive, the Dutch embassy in Australia and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2016