Building Archeological Research Brochure

This brochure explains the importance of built heritage research and how this can best be approached by the owners and managers of historic properties.

Insight into building history and historical values

Built heritage research prior to conservation or refurbishment work is the key to understanding the structural history and the historical value ​​of any built structure. Once these aspects have been examined, they can be taken into account in the conservation or refurbishment plans. This helps determine which parts of the building have to be preserved, and which are less important. It provides answers to all kinds of practical design questions such as: Where should we place a new staircase? Can we get rid of this partition? Can I knock through the wall at this point? Should this additional structure be preserved?


Writers: Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Stichting Bouwhistorie Nederland, Association of Dutch Municipalities, the Office of the Chief Government Architect and the Government Buildings Agency, 2009