How we work

The Cultural Heritage Agency not only wishes to preserve the Netherlands’ heritage but also to promote its sustainable development and make it accessible to the general public. We do so by being an authority with a clear, business-like yet flexible approach, with a passion for heritage that characterises all our staff.

Caring for heritage

Susan Lammers, general director:

Taking care of our heritage. That is what we stand for. With specialist knowledge of heritage, we encourage owners, managers, private organizations and governments to safeguard our valuable heritage for future generations. I am proud of our employees who want to share their knowledge with such enthousiasm.

Programmes and projects

The Agency’s main activities are organised in a portfolio of programmes and projects. Some are practical in nature, while others are more concerned with knowledge development.

For example the ‘Heritage and sustainability’ programme aims on the positioning of cultural heritage in the global goals for sustainable development and dealing with climate change. The ‘Knowledge for archeology’ programme develops the next-level in care for archeological sites. And the ‘Participation’ programme gives way to more commitment of the general public in heritage care, including attention for the different points of view in society.

These and other programmes relate strongly to the policy document ‘Heritage Counts’ by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.